Fernando Carrasco & Carolina Giannini
Fernando Carrasco was the 2013 Champion Metropolitano city in Buenos Aires in all categories (Τango, Milonga, Vals) and also the holder of the 2th place in the World at the Tango Salon category. In 2015 he was the big Champion at "Pelando Variacion". Fernando is a professional Tango dancer who loves to teach and he has teached and performed in various dance theaters and tango festivals in all over the world.
Carolina Giannini, at the age of 4 years, began her studies of Classical dance, Jazz, Spanish Dances, Argentine Folklore and since 1996 as Teacher of dance in the "National School of Classical Dance" Aída V. Mastrazzi. After studied with some of the greatest Tango teachers, Carolina Giannini has performed, as a professional tango dancer in various dance theaters, concert halls and know she is considered honorable member of the most emblematic houses of Tango Show. She has also participated in many festivals around the world and lately she was summoned as a judge of the Tango World Cup.
Kostas Doukas
& Mandy Poulou
Kostas Doukas, has been involved with dancing since 2003 and with Tango in particular since 2008. He has participated in many shows as a dancer including television shows! In 2011 he started to teach on a regular basis in several dancing schools in Athens as well as in other cities of Greece. Mandy Poulou has been involved with classical dancing from the age of 5. Her dancing education comes to meet her initiation into the tango world in 2008 and since then she is only focused with tango. Both have studied under the best Greek and Argentinian tango maestros. In 2012 they started to teach together in Athen's tango schools and since 2013 they have been dancing and choreographing together various shows and workshops at international festivals, theatres and milongas in Greece and abroad as well. Finally, they are members of "La Yumba Team", which organizes milongas, workshops and tango events.
Dionisis is the winner of the Tango Acropolis Competition 2011 in the Tango Escenario category. Chloe has studied classical and contemporary dance and her career was focused on these disciplines, until tango came along.
Dionisis and Chloe started their collaboration in October 2011 and, together, they became the Greek Champions of Tango Escenario in the Tango Acropolis competition 2012. They are active members of the Argentinian choreographer Gustavo Russo’s company “Tango Seduccion”. Their base is the studio 'TANGart' in Athens, where they teach and are in charge of the administrative and artistic direction. They travel a lot and have taught seminars and performed widely in Greece and abroad, participating in renowned international festivals.
Ariel Fuhr
& Peggy Dadaki
Dimitris Loukakis
& Vicky Damianou
Dimitris and Vicky are among the first professional Tango dancers in Greece. Through seminars and lessons attended in Greece, Europe and Argentina, they set in their own style, incorporating in their dance the latest trends in tango, but retaining many of its traditional elements. In 2005 they founded their own school, "Chorotropio", which today is one of the most famous and well-known schools in the Tango area. Having already taken part in many shows, performances, festivals, etc. and not wanting to confine themselves only to the dancing aspect of tango, they founded in 2014 the group "T for Tango", which consists of artists who, although coming from different places of the performing arts , have a common communication code, the tango. Dancers, actors, lyrical singers and musicians jointly create and explore the wide range of artistic expression offered by the Argentine tango. The group has already staged three performances, "Tango en Tres", "Tango vs Tango" and "Tango Noir".
Stergios Gkogkas
Lucas Gauto
Harris Sioufas
    & Ivon Carolina
20.00 Fernando Carrasco - Carolina Giannini
Musicality, connection and perception in the couple.
19.00 Fernando Gracia - Sol Cerquides
Sequences for open and close embrace. Differences between them and Technique
14.00 Fernando Gracia - Sol Cerquides
Man Technique - Woman Technique
15.30 Fernando Gracia - Sol Cerquides
Musicality - Changes of dynamic and Energy management
17.00 Fernando Carrasco - Carolina Giannini
Propose and understand different “Abrazos”
Individual axis and different kind of walks
18.30 Fernando Carrasco - Carolina Giannini
Working dissociation = circular movements, boleos and gauchos
14.00 Fernando Carrasco - Carolina Giannini
Man Technique - Woman Technique
15.30 Fernando Carrasco - Carolina Giannini
Musicality, synchronization, speed, fast weight changes, variaciones in milonga.
17.00 Fernando Gracia - Sol Cerquides
Different kinds of giros - connection adding ganchos and ornaments into the turn/giro.
18.30 Fernando Gracia - Sol Cerquides
Social tango figures taken to the Stage Tango adding effects. Sacadas and "gran" sacadas.
Thursday's Milonga = 10
Friday's Gran Milonga = 15
Saturday's Gran Milonga = 20
1 Lesson = 20
3 Lessons = 50
6 Lessons = 90
Panellinios Indoor Hall
Euelpidon 2, Athens, 11362
Catedral Estudio de Tango
210 825 6868
Mesogeion 57, Athens, 11526
210 674 7431
...to be announced!
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Fernando Gracia & Sol Cerquides
Fernando Gracia was the 2007 World Stage Champion and he's also the organizer of the huge festival "Tango Secrets" in Buenos Aires. Sol Cerquides was the 2010 Campeona Metropolitana city champion in the milonga and also the holder of the 4th place worldly for tango Salon category. They work and travel together in all over the world, participating in many tango festivals and spreading their knowledge in various festivals. Fernando and Sol are coaches for some very important tango couples as well. Today, they are one of the most famous stage and social tango couples in the world.
Dionisios Theodoropoulos
& Chloe Theodoropoulou
Ariel Fuhr and Peggy Dadaki met in Buenos Aires in 2006 and since then, they live and work together. They studied at the "Estudio Dinzel" at Buenos Aires as students of the great teacher Rodolfo Dinzel and they have been working on technical improvisation and communication between the couple. They teach and dance in various Tango Festivals in Greece and abroad as well as participates in various Tango performances with major dance companies. Together they created "cathedral", a school of Tango Argentino in Athens, with the signature of CETBA (Universidad del Tango, Centro Educativo del Tango de Buenos Aires). Ariel and Peggy teach the “Systema Dinzel” as the official representatives of Dinzel Iinternacional in Greece and they offer the opportunity for professional dancers to obtain a Teaching Tango Certificate.
All the workshops will take place at “Catedral Estudio de Tango” school. Here is the days and hours:
Ateneo Welcome Milonga (Catedral Estudio de Tango).
22.00 - 3.00 Dj Stergios Gkokas
Welcome milonga with a presentation of all of the Maestros
Tango photographic exhibition, from well-known artists of the genre.
The venue where the main Gran milongas of this “Meeting” will be held, is chosen to take you to a unique backdrop
in the heart of Buenos Aires ... The Indoor Stadium of Panellinios turns into a “milonga del Barrio”...
An unforgettable experience!

Full Pack Lessons
(10 Lessons)

Full Pack Ateneo
(Milongas & Lessons)

Full Pack Milongas
(3 Milongas)

Friday Gran Milonga ("Panellhnios" indoor basketball court).
22.00 - 4.00 Dj Lucas Gauto
Shows: 12.30 Ariel Fuhr & Peggy Dadaki, Dimitris Loukakis & Vicky Damianou
1.30 Fernando Carrasco & Carolina Giannini
Saturday Gran Milonga ("Panellhnios" indoor basketball court).
22.00 - 4.00 Djs Ivon Carolina with Harris Sioufas
Shows: 12.30 Kostas Doukas & Mandy Poulou, Dionisis Theodoropoulos & Chloe Theodoropoulou
1.30 Fernando Gracia & Sol Cerquides
Baile de los Maestros
We hope to see you at this unique Tango Meeting , which we hope is going to be for all of you a special experience!
The Ateneo team!
Welcome to the 1st Ateneo Tango Meeting for 2018!
On April 19, 20, 21 & 22 ...a big dance meeting is about to take place in the center of Athens.
Expression, passion, emotion, and incredible technique will make these days memorable and will turn the Tango "Meeting" into a Great Fiesta!
For 4 days we will have the pleasure to host the world-renowned Argentinean teachers and dancers for Tango seminars and special shows. Our first guests, coming from Buenos Aires, Fernando Gracia with Sol Cerquides and Fernando Carrasco with Carolina Giannini will be accompanied With 4 well-known couples in Greece and abroad,
Kostas Doukas & Manty Poulou, Dionysis Theodoropoulos & Chloe Theodoropoulou, Ariel Fuhr & Peggy Dadaki and Dimitris Loukakis & Vicky Damianou in a special performance!
Date: 19 - 22 April, 2018

Locations: Panellinios Indoor Hall & Catedral Estudio de tango